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Petition Letter

Our county commissioners are public servants devoted to taking care of our communities.  They need to hear from all of us – the residents of the Susquehanna Valley – expressing our desire for them to sponsor a new independent community college that will serve our region.  Collectively, our letters and petitions will send them the undisputed message that the WILL of the Susquehanna Valley PEOPLE is to have access to affordable higher education at our own community college.

SEND your letter NOW!

Please select your county below in order to sign the Petition Letter:

Northumberland - Chief Commissioner Samuel Schiccatano, Commissioner Joseph Klebon, and Commissioner Kymberley Best: Snyder - Commissioner Joe Kantz, Commissioner Charles Steininger, and Commissioner Adam Ewig: Union - Commissioner Preston Boop, Commissioner Jeffrey Reber, and Commissioner Stacy Richards: Montour - Commissioner Ken Holdren, Commissioner Dan Hartman and Commissioner Trevor Finn