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Community Education Mini Courses

Fall 2019

Register for CLEP PREP for College Composition HERE.

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Summer 2019

Stream Sense was a fantastic course…

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New Community College for Susquehanna Valley!

Past Classes Include:

“Math Review for College”
Instructor: Carla Minori, B.S.

Reinforcing math skills in preparation for college will help build confidence. Students create goals lists and by individual coaching and in small groups fulfill their own learning objectives. Students take a pre and post assessment to see their improved math competency.

Ms. Carla Minori is an instructional math coach and taught mathematics at Selinsgrove Middle School for 25 years.

“Preparing the College Essay”
Instructor: Jerry Wemple, MFA, Professor of English

Explore writing as a discovery portal. Using the Common Application, and the Purdue Owl writing lab, students will learn strategies to draft, proofread, revise, and polish a college essay. Students will be coached in their writing progress through peer workshops and individual conferencing with Professor Wemple and Bloomsburg University student teaching assistants.

Jerry Wemple is an award winning poet and an English Professor at Bloomsburg University. He is a graduate of Shikellamy High School.

“Learning English as a Second Language”
Instructor: Debbie Snyder, B.A., M. Ed.

Speaking, reading, and writing English opens opportunities locally and globally.  Learners will engage in listening, conversing, reading, and writing activities in English. Learners will attain improved communication skills with the instructional support of a certified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher.

Mrs. Debbie Snyder is an international ESL team leader who designs curriculum and trains instructors in ESL content.

“Physics for Fun”
Instructor: Colleen Epler-Ruths, B.A., M. Ed.

Students examine six laws of physics through a simple and easy to learn format. The laws of Time, Motion, Forces, Energy, Electricity, and Waves are introduced and demonstrated with simple experiments. Students explore how laws are applied in everyday living and consider relevant careers. Ms. Epler-Ruths teaches physics at Shikellamy High School and is completing a doctorate in Science Education.

“Job Hunting and Getting Hired”
Instructor: Jennifer Zyry, A.A., B.S., M.S.

Learn job-hunting strategies that get hired!  Find the main employers in our region and determine if a job-posting is a good match for you.  Course activities improve critical thinking, sharpen problem solving, and build teamwork skills that employers want.  Jennifer Zyry has a long history of teaching vocational classes and preparing students for work readiness.

Instructor: Jennifer Zyry, A.A., B.S., M.S.

Millions of jobs and college writing require computer keyboarding making it one of the MOST important 21st-century skills we can learn. Furthermore, the long term benefits of grit, perseverance, motivation, and hands-on learning are unparalleled. Are you an adult that missed out on the opportunity to learn keyboarding and are ready to take on this vital skill? Jennifer Zyry has taught keyboarding for 30 years to learners of all ages.

*Tuition Assistance is available – contact the SVCEP to find out more.

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