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Community Colleges

Community colleges are many things to many people. They are places to start a college career for those who just aren’t ready or able to “go away to college.”  They are places to explore new paths by taking a class in a new field.  They are places to build skills, to find new interests, to retrain for a new job, to keep your mind active and age gracefully, and to pursue a certification or Associate’s Degree for that promotion.  With instructors whose primary focus is to help you learn and with technology to provide a hands-on experience, a community college education gives you top-quality instruction at an affordable price.

  • Community college classes generally cost about $100 per credit, compared to at least $200 for state universities and up to over $1,000 at some private universities.
  • Local governance of a community college keeps money in the local economy
  • Community colleges provide employers and employees a place to update or upgrade skills affordably and efficiently
  • Open enrollment, low tuition, and classes to get you started at your level allow anyone with a high school diploma or equivalency to attend college.
  • Student support services help you pursue success in your classes
  • Community college instructors are focused on teaching you and not on research or other pursuits
  • Community colleges are innovators in putting industrial and business technology in the classroom to make your education relevant and give your career a head start
  • Flexible scheduling allows you to work, raise a family, and attend class.
  • Community Colleges create local jobs
  • Community Colleges are uniquely American and give our workforce a leg up in the world economy

Give yourself, your family, and your neighbors a chance to experience these benefits.  Support a Susquehanna Valley Community College today.

The Susquehanna Valley Community Education Project board of directors is dedicated to forging the path to an independent Susquehanna Valley Community College. Click on the link to read the organization ByLaws.