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800 sign college petitions

posted August 26 11:27:41 AM by lenaireNo comments

SUNBURY — More than 800 people signed community college petition letters at Sunbury’s River Festival on Friday and Saturday, while community college advocates laid out a plan to pay for the venture by splitting the $1.5 million annual cost between Northumberland, Snyder, Union and Montour counties.

Residents of the four counties signed petitions directed at their particular county commissioners, requesting they vote to sponsor a community college in the Valley, said Susquehanna Valley Community Education Project organizer Lenaire Ahlum.

The letters asked for a college dedicated to serve the people in the middle of the state, where community college access is lacking, she said.

To Read More: http://dailyitem.com/0100_news/x596126452/800-sign-college-petitions

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